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Clergy Abuse

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There can be no greater breach of trust than sexual abuse by a member of the clergy, regardless of the particular religion. Too often, allegations of sexual abuse and molestation by priests, members of the clergy or other spiritual leaders have been proven to be valid. The victims are the most vulnerable: children, adolescents and young men and women who have been taught to place their trust in a religious figure or spiritual leader who then violates that trust and causes a lifetime of mental anguish and emotional suffering.

Our Connecticut clergy abuse lawyers can assist you if you or a loved one is a survivor of such abuse and is considering filing a claim or lawsuit against a priest, member of the clergy or religious organization, even if the incident occurred years or decades ago. We are extremely sensitive to the reluctance that a survivor may have when discussing this deeply personal issue. Our Connecticut personal injury attorneys and support staff are dedicated to providing a safe and confidential environment where survivors can recount their experience and begin or continue the healing process.

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