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Worcester Personal Injury Lawyer

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Worcester has a long, rich history. People here talk with pride of their parks (Elm Park), concert halls (Mechanics Hall) and sports teams (Holy Cross - Chu, Chu, Rah, Rah!). And when accidents happen here, Worcester takes care of its own. Everyone here remembers the six firefighters who lost their lives in the Worcester warehouse fire in 1999.

But sometimes, we all need extra help after an accident. And if you or a loved one was hurt due to someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior, you’d be surprised by just how complicated such cases can be in Worcester. That’s why it’s critical that you contact a Worcester personal injury lawyer immediately at our law firm and schedule a free case evaluation.

When you have the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone working for you, you can take an aggressive approach right from the start. Instead of insurance companies telling you what to do, you can demand the money you deserve for your injury. Our Worcester personal injury attorneys can make sure your voice is heard loud and clear.

So whether you're dealing with a car accident in Great Brook Valley or a serious injury in Main South, we can help you get the money you need to move forward. More than $500 MILLION recovered for injury victims in Worcester and statewide.

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    What our Clients Say

    What We Do

    Cases We Handle In Worcester

    Our attorneys handle all sorts of personal injury cases in Worcester.

    Many of the most common cases we handle involve:

    Wherever your injury took place, no matter how straightforward or complicated your case might seem, contact our law firm 24 hours a day. We want to help you get your life back on track.

    Call 1-800-WIN-WIN-1 and schedule a free case evaluation.

    You’re Worth It

    “How Much Is My Case Worth?”

    If you’ve been hurt in an accident in Worcester caused by someone else, you’re probably wondering how much money your personal injury claim or lawsuit is worth. The bottom line? You should be paid for all your injury-related expenses. What you might not realize is just how many expenses your injury claim or lawsuit should include. Such expenses often include:

    - Cost of all medical care related to your injury, whether it’s emergency medical care at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester minutes after your injury or follow-up surgery months or years after your accident.

    - Money for any personal property damaged in the accident, including financial compensation for vehicle repairs or damage to any other property.

    - Replacement income if you cannot work while you’re recovering from your injury.

    - Lost future income if you cannot return to work or can only work in a reduced capacity due to a permanent disability.

    - Pain and suffering.

    Add all these expenses up and your settlement claim or lawsuit can easily be worth thousands of dollars or a lot more. That’s why you need a Worcester personal injury lawyer who will take a stand and fight for the money you rightfully deserve in. That’s why you need the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone.

    We Won't Quit

    How We Can Help You

    Many people think they don't need a personal injury attorney after an accident in Worcester. If someone did something to hurt you or a family member, all you have to do is call your insurance company and they'll take care of everything. Right?

    Wrong. Talk to people injured in an accident caused by someone else and they might tell you that they have been fighting with insurance companies for weeks or months to get the money they deserve. Instead of helping people, most insurance companies do everything they can to pay people less or nothing at all after an accident.

    That's not right. That's why you need us in your corner, slugging it out with insurance investigators, claims adjusters, and anyone else who stands in your way.

    We know how the legal system works in Worcester County and we know how to find the evidence you need to build a strong legal case.

    The Salomone Advantage

    We call our comprehensive approach to legal cases "The Salomone Advantage." From jury testing cases in our in-house courtroom to thoroughly preparing every case for trial, we leave nothing to chance. This may be your only opportunity for justice. Seize it. Contact us right now and find out how a Worcester personal injury attorney at our law firm can help you.

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