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Drug Recall Lawsuit Boston 

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Our Massachusetts drug recall attorneys know that many medications and drugs have changed people’s lives for the better. But what you might not think about when you are taking a drug that you hope will improve your quality of life is that it contains a side effect.  In fact, nearly every drug has some side effect. When the drug causes a serious side effect, it can be considered a dangerous drug and a drug recall might even be announced. And each year, dangerous drugs as well as defective medical devices cause thousands of injuries and deaths, leading to drug injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims.

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Dangerous drugs are any drugs taken without an adequate understanding of their proper dosage, their side effects, their interactions with other drugs, and the like. In addition, some drugs carry greater intrinsic risk than others. Some drugs have been recalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, while others have side effects that might require the manufacturer to add warning labels to the product.

Risks Associated with Taking Over-the-Counter Medications and Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter medications have benefits and risks. It may not always be clear to the user what the serious risks are, either because the manufacturers fail to provide that information, or because the manufacturers have marketed their drugs for uses not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Occasionally, the drugs pose serious or even fatal risks that the manufacturers are unaware of or knew of and failed to warn against.

The following drugs and medical devices that are linked to dangerous side effects:

These are just some of the dangerous drugs and dangerous medical devices that may cause adverse side effects or that may be subject to a drug recall. If you have taken any of the drugs on this list, and have any of the injuries associated with their use, please contact us in regard to a potential pharmaceutical injury lawsuit.

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