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Road Rage & Aggressive Drivers A Summer Risk In Connecticut

Extra patience will be critical as the crowds arrive and orange road construction barrels blossom like wildflowers through New England’s summer travel season. A recent article on driversed.com highlighted the lethal risk of crowded summer freeways and short tempers. While relatively few of us are guilty of road rage, which is a criminal act of...

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Keyless Ignitions Have Claimed Lives

Recent years have seen many advancements in auto technology. Every new feature is designed to make driving easier and more convenient for consumers. However, convenience can come at a high price. In the last 12 years, 28 people have lost their lives and 45 have been injured as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning after...

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Finding Fault in Self-Driving Car Accidents

Ten current US senators have co-written a letter to automakers regarding the safety of self-driving vehicles. This letter comes after a self-driving Uber car in Phoenix struck and fatally injured a pedestrian, Elaine Herzberg. This was the first incident of its kind in the US. The car was in autonomous driving mode, though it had...

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Court Dismisses Bullying Claim in Massachusetts School

Schools in Massachusetts have a responsibility to protect students from bullying, either in person or through the internet. State law provides detailed obligations for schools to establish prevention and response plans, investigate claims of bullying, and intervene to protect victims. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, however, has ruled in favor of limitations that prevent schools...

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Wider Availability Of Car Safety Features Can Help Save Lives

In the tech industry, it’s easy to observe the process of premium technology becoming cheaper and more accessible as new developments are made. This cycle is exemplified by the annual releases of smartphones, as old innovations, such as 4G and HD cameras, become standard features across the industry. Less talked about is how this cycle...

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Vehicle Ranking from Safest to Least Safe

Car and truck commercials love to talk about crash ratings. We hear about them nearly every time a vehicle manufacturer shows up on our televisions. Sometimes the car is “highest in its class” or very selectively compared to a major competitor. They rarely, however, give more context than that, to help consumers understand where the...

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