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Our Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers Fight to Win

What sets the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone apart from other personal injury firms is the number of cases we accept. We deliberately limit the number of cases we accept to ensure that every case gets the detailed personal oversight that our clients deserve. We don't merely handle cases, we personally help people on an individual basis when they need it the most.

Our strategy is to thoroughly build every case for the courtroom. This requires the meticulous preparation of all relevant facts, witnesses, and experts as well as thorough research of all applicable laws. We spare no expense in our preparation because we believe that each client deserves the very best opportunity to win his or her case.

Of course, not every case goes to trial. Our level of preparation, strategy, and investment puts each client in a position to obtain a very substantial settlement.

We are also of the philosophy that mediation and arbitration can, in certain instances, provide time saving alternatives to lengthy court litigation.

Our practice is dedicated solely to representing injured victims of negligence or to the families of deceased loved ones.


Atty. Mark Bixby<br>Managing Attorney

Atty. Mark Bixby
Managing Attorney

Atty. Nicole Murray

Atty. Nicole Murray

Atty. Mark E. Salomone Jr.

Atty. Mark E. Salomone Jr.

Atty. John J. McQuade<br>Litigation Leader

Atty. John J. McQuade
Litigation Leader

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Our Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers Know How To Win!

Severe accidents. Serious injuries. Conflicting stories. Add them all together and you have a recipe for disaster. That's why it's critical you have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side if you or a loved one gets hurt in an accident due to someone else's actions.

After an accident, you are entitled by law to receive compensation if you or a loved one was hurt due to someone else's negligence. But it's not always easy to get justice. You need someone on your side who knows how to fight for your rights, someone who can get you the money you deserve.

Our knowledgeable lawyers at the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone are committed to delivering results from Boston to the Berkshires and everywhere in between. We understand the hardships families and individuals go through after a serious accident. That's why we want to put our extensive resources and skills towards your case. So whether you were injured in Worcester, Springfield or anywhere else in Massachusetts, we're here for you, every step of the way.

We Mean Business

Our attorneys are committed to our clients. Throughout Massachusetts, people recognize us as a successful team of personal injury attorneys who consistently deliver results. When opposing counsel and insurance companies hear they are up against us, they know they are in for a fight. That's why many insurance companies often settle with us rather than going to court. It's also why other attorneys often refer their clients to us. They know we know how to win - and win big.

Our law firm has recovered over $1 BILLION and counting in settlements, awards, benefits, and verdicts for injury victims and their families throughout Massachusetts.

Why Choose Us?

People rightly judge lawyers based on their case record. We believe our results speak for themselves. Through verdicts, settlements, benefits, and awards, we have obtained over $1 billion for injury victims and their families in the Bay State. Types of cases we handle include:

How do we consistently win so many cases, day in and day out? We never take anything for granted. We immediately get straight to work on every case we agree to handle as a firm. And we prepare every case for trial.

Our comprehensive approach includes presenting evidence to a practice jury in our in-house courtroom. Juries can be unpredictable. How they vote can often depend on single piece of evidence. That's why we are committed to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to your case. We leave nothing to chance in pursuit of justice.

No Fee Unless We Win

Many people worry about whether they can afford an exceptional attorney. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that when you choose us to represent you. That's because we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you do not owe us anything unless we win your case. It's that simple. It also means that your counsel is completely free until we win. When your case is won, we are paid a percentage of whatever financial settlement you receive.

Your case is about more than just money. It's about justice. It's about holding whoever caused your accident accountable for their actions. It's about making sure your voice is heard loud and clear by insurance companies, judges, and jury members.

Our Community Involvement

We're committed to helping people rebuild their lives, and that extends beyond our practice and into the communities we serve throughout Massachusetts. Over the years, we've contributed our time, talent and resources to dozens of organizations statewide. Read more about what we're doing in the community.

Careers at The Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone

As one of the premier personal injury law firms in Massachusetts, the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone offers excellent career opportunities within the legal field to our employees. Our staff members enjoy competitive pay and great benefits, such as medical insurance, dental insurance, paid holidays, retirement plans, bonus plans, and generous vacation/sick time.

Interested candidates may apply for a position at The Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone by submitting both a cover letter and resume. For staff positions, please send this information "Attention: Personnel Department", and for attorney or law clerk positions, "Attention: Executive Manager".

E-mail your cover letter and resume; please keep in mind that any documents you attach must be in Microsoft Word (.doc) format; employment@marksalomone.com

Contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone

Victims of negligence have a right to be compensated for their injuries. Obtaining aggressive legal representation is the most effective means to ensure they receive the full amount they deserve. At the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone, we are committed to helping clients successfully resolve their claims. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else's negligence or reckless behavior, contact our personal injury firm to schedule a free consultation with our dedicated Massachusetts personal injury lawyers.