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Study: I-95 the Most Dangerous Highway in State

Connecticut auto accident attorneyA new study of federal crash statistics has determined that I-95 is the most dangerous highway in Connecticut.

Geotab posted an interactive map on its site based on the findings of the study, titled "The Most Dangerous Highways in America." Geotab Inc. is a company specializing in global positioning system (GPS) fleet management and vehicle tracking.

The finding about I-95 was not surprising to attorney Joseph Morelli of the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli.

"More than 100,000 vehicles travel down that highway at high speeds every day," said Morelli. "When there's a crash, there's always a likelihood of fatal injuries."

The study determined the most dangerous highway in each state using ten years of data for road fatalities and fatal crashes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Highway Administration.

I-95 had 147 fatal crashes and 164 fatalities over the 10-year period, with an average of 15 fatal crashes per year. The study also notes the highway, "has more frequent exits than most interstate sections in the US: less than a mile apart at points."

Morelli said it's important to remember that a crash can occur on any highway.

"All it takes is one driver acting negligently, such as a distracted driver, or somebody speeding," Morelli said. "And a deadly crash can happen in an instant."

"Even survivors of highway crashes will suffer life-changing injuries," Morelli added. He said injuries often seen in highway accidents include traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries.

I-95 runs more than 111 miles from the New York border to the Rhode Island state line. According to the most recent statistics from the Connecticut Department of Transportation, in 2014 there were 5786 crashes on the highway in 2014, resulting in 1999 injuries and 20 fatalities.

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