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High Tech Can’t Replace Common Sense for Connecticut Drivers

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), high-tech auto safety features designed to help keep drivers safe, include lane departure warning systems, blind spot monitoring systems and backup cameras. These systems have shown to be so effective that some now come standard on all new car models.   However, drivers often take these systems for granted. A recent article published by AAA showed that as many...

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The Dangers Of Riding In Faulty Passenger Vans

According to the Courier Journal, the dangers of the Ford E350 have been common knowledge since at least 2001. Multiple federal warnings about that model have been issued over the last two decades, schools are prohibited from using them to transport students, and many car insurance companies refuse to cover the E350s. Since 2001, 600 people have been...

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Traffic Fatalities Remain High Despite Better Safety Technology

From January to the end of June 2018, approximately 18,720 people died in traffic accidents in the United States. That is 2,436 more people than the capacity of the XL Center in Hartford.  From 2014 to 2016, the number of people killed in traffic accidents spiked from just over 35,000 to more than 40,000, according to the...

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Fatal Accidents at Red Lights on the Rise

There is a reason why traffic lights are installed at intersections throughout Connecticut. They keep traffic flowing smoothly and allow road users to navigate through intersections safely. However, some drivers don't feel the need to uphold their duty of care at traffic lights. Some drivers may speed up to avoid stopping when the light turns...

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Lax Oversight at Surgery Centers Puts Massachusetts Patients at Risk

Any patient who undergoes surgery assumes some risk of suffering an injury or illness due to an error, but we also expect surgeons and supporting medical providers to follow accepted standards of care to minimize that risk. However, a lack of guidelines and carelessness can result in a patient being seriously harmed. According to Patient...

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How Safe Are Connecticut Roads?

This summer, a financial news and opinions site called 247 Wall St. released their analysis of motor crash death rates in 2016 to determine which states had the most and least dangerous roads. Of the 50 states, Connecticut ranked 43, meaning that only six states showed fewer signs of danger than Connecticut did. While this...

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