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Why Are Pedestrian Accidents Spiking in Western Mass.?

With pedestrian accidents rising at an alarming rate in Western Massachusetts, law enforcement officials are calling for safety measures to save lives. Recent news articles have reported on deadly car crashes involving pedestrians in West Springfield and Chicopee. According to a Western Mass News story, three pedestrian accidents occurred in West Springfield over one weekend...

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How Safe are Connecticut Drivers?

A recent study shows CT motorists have the lowest number of incidents. If you are a Connecticut driver, there is news that should make you proud. A study finds Connecticut drivers are the best in the nation. According to CT Insider, a study released on Dec. 5, 2022, determined Connecticut drivers have the lowest number...

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Connecticut Adopts Technology to Warn Wrong-Way Drivers

A wrong-way accident has the potential to cause severe and fatal injuries Drivers who head the wrong way on certain highway ramps in Connecticut will soon see red flashing lights alerting them they are in danger. According to a Journal Inquirer article, the state Department of Transportation will use new technology that consists of a...

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How is Massachusetts Fighting Distracted Driving?

Distracted drivers cause too many serious and fatal car accidents in Massachusetts Nearly everyone agrees that distracted driving is wrong and can have deadly consequences. Yet, despite awareness of the problem, drivers continue to text behind the wheel and put others at risk of serious car accidents. In Massachusetts, police have handed out citations for...

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Connecticut Sees Spike in Fatal Accidents in 2022

While fatal car accidents have decreased slightly in the United States, Connecticut has experienced a 29 percent increase during the first half of 2022 as compared to the prior year. The National Safety Council reports grim facts about recent accident trends: Roads are “supremely dangerous,” especially for people walking, biking or skating. During the first...

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