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You drive in Boston. You know what it's like. Cars cutting each other off on Storrow Drive or the Southeast Expressway. Distracted drivers rear-ending other cars on Commonwealth Avenue or the Mass Pike. It's no wonder there are so many auto accidents in Boston.

A serious car accident can be devastating. Victims often face a wide range of issues, from pain and suffering to skyrocketing medical bills and lost income. Depending on the circumstances of the car accident, you may never fully recover. We understand how overwhelming a motor vehicle accident can be for victims and their families. That's why our Boston car accident lawyers want to help.

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At the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone, we have a well-earned reputation throughout Boston for being a no-nonsense law firm that gets the job done. Our law firm has obtained more than $500 MILLION in settlements, awards, benefits and verdicts for accident victims in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. When we take a case, we do not rest until justice is served.

Common Causes

Why Do Auto Accidents Happen?

You've seen it all driving in Boston. That's why we're sure you're not surprised that so many car accidents happen for all sorts of reasons from West Roxbury to the North End. Common causes we regularly deal with at our law firm include:

  • Texting while driving (even though it's against the law in Massachusetts)
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Drinking while driving
  • Falling asleep

There many other reasons why accidents happen here. Whatever the reason, we're prepared to work with you and uncover the truth.

What Happened?

Common Car Accidents In Boston

We deal with all types of accidents every single day. Many of the most common ones we handle at our office in Boston include:

Whatever type of accident you're dealing with, no matter how simple or complicated it might seem, contact our law firm right away. We know how to find the facts and hold drivers accountable for their actions. That's why we want to meet with you.

Take Back Control

"How can a lawyer help me with my car crash in Boston?"

You might think you don't need an attorney if someone else caused your car crash in Boston. You're not alone in thinking that you can easily get the money you deserve for your accident.  You didn't do anything wrong. Why should there be any problems?

Unfortunately, most accidents aren't so simple. And insurance companies are often to blame. Instead of helping you out, many insurance companies do everything they can to reduce or deny accident claim. They might even point the finger at you, claiming you caused the collision.

Insurance companies don't scare us. We know how to take them on and win. If someone else caused your crash, you shouldn't have to pay for their mistakes. That's the way we do business in Boston. That's why you deserve us on your side. Schedule an appointment at our Boston office. We can also meet anywhere else in the Boston area. You decide.

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