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Commercial Truck Accidents in Boston

Serious truck accidents demand strong legal action

We all know truck drivers have a tough job to do in Boston - narrow streets, constant traffic, unrealistic deadlines. But that's no excuse for driving aggressively. That's why our Boston truck accident lawyers take collisions caused by commercial truck drivers in Boston so seriously. We believe that people driving delivery trucks, tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles in Boston should be held accountable for their actions.

Whether you're driving down the Mass Pike, I-95, the Southeast Expressway (I-93) or another major road in Boston, we know how nerve-wracking it can be when an 18-wheeler comes within inches of your vehicle. And when one of those trucks actually crashes into you, the consequences can be devastating. A serious truck accident can affect every aspect of your life. You may be unable to work or perform everyday activities. You might even need surgery or emergency medical care at Massachusetts General Hospital or another Boston medical facility.

At the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone, we know what you're going through. That's because we have worked with countless truck accident victims just like you in the Boston area. Our case results speak for themselves - more than $500 MILLION in settlements, awards, benefits and verdicts recovered for accident victims in Boston and throughout the state. Contact us to find out how our Boston law firm can help you.

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Why Truck Accidents Happen in Boston

What caused your truck accident?

If an 18-wheeler or a delivery truck crashed into your car, odds are the truck driver was doing something they should not have been doing on the road. Common causes of commercial truck accidents in Boston include:

  • Distracted truck drivers, including texting drivers, even though texting while driving is against the law.
  • Aggressive truck drivers, especially drivers who follow other vehicles too closely and cause rear-end truck accidents.
  • Reckless drivers, including commercial truck drivers who run a red light, don’t stop at a stop sign or violate other traffic laws.
  • Inexperienced truck drivers who don’t know Boston’s streets or the rules of the road and cause serious truck collisions.
  • Irresponsible truck drivers, especially during snowstorms, ice or heavy rain, which can make Boston’s chaotic roads even more dangerous, especially when large commercial trucks are involved.

Big Trucks, Big Difference

What makes Boston truck accidents complicated?

Collisions involving large commercial trucks in Boston often turn out to be complicated legal cases. There are many reasons why, including:

  • More than one investigation – Along with a police officer from Boston Police Department, your truck accident might also be investigated by a Massachusetts State Trooper and an investigator from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
  • More than one at-fault party – Unlike many other motor vehicle accidents, there might be more than one person or business that caused your Boston truck accident – the truck driver, the trucking company they work for, the business that loaded the truck, etc.
  • Different regulations apply – Many different state and federal laws apply to commercial truck accidents, including Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Trucking companies control evidence – Often, some of the most important pieces of evidence related to your truck accident are owned by the trucking company, including the truck driver’s accident history, truck maintenance records and Hours of Service (HOS) logs, which document how long the driver is on the road and when they take mandatory rest breaks.

Add all these differences up and you often have the recipe for a complicated legal case. That’s why it’s critical that you have an experienced Boston truck accident attorney on your side, fighting for your rights.

Your Case Matters

How we can help you with your Boston truck accident

When a commercial truck crashes into you, you're not just dealing with another driver and his insurance company. You're often dealing with a whole army of attorneys, insurance adjusters and several different corporations. These companies include the trucking company, the company that loaded the truck, the company that made the products in the truck and maybe even another company that made the packaging.

If you try to take all of these companies on after your accident, you'll likely face an uphill battle. Add to that the confusing legal system for Suffolk County and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and you have a recipe for disaster.

That's why it's critical that you have someone on your side who understands how the legal system works and knows how to get results. Our attorneys have decades of experience successfully defending the rights of accident victims in Boston. We know the laws, know the road and know how to win. That's why you want us in your corner, fighting for your rights.

As your attorney, we can pursue every avenue for justice, including:

  • Carefully reviewing accident reports
  • Requesting trucking company records
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Consulting with experts
  • Filing a lawsuit if necessary

Our clients get quality representation and personal attention from the start of the case until a verdict or settlement has been reached. Don't let insurance companies decide what happens next. Take back control. Contact us. You can come to our office in Boston or we can meet with you wherever works best for you. Call 1-800-WIN-WIN-1 right now.