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Prevent Boston Bicycle Injuries: Cyclists Must Adhere to Rules of the Road

Bicycle ridership in Boston has soared in recent years. City officials in the 2013 Cyclist Safety Report noted that since 2007, the city has worked hard to become one of the country's top bicycle-friendly destinations. More than 60 miles of bike lanes and 1,000 bike racks have been installed. In 2011, the New Balance Hubway...

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What If You Are Injured In A Car Accident Occurring In A Highway Work Zone?

When a road needs major repair, a construction area known as a "work zone" is often created on the roadway itself so the work can get done. Work zones on roads under construction or undergoing routine maintenance can quickly create unanticipated changes in driving patterns. Unexpected driving difficulties may be encountered when driving lanes usually...

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Auto Insurance in Massachusetts: Why You Need Excess Coverage for Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorists and Underinsured Motorists

To register an automobile in Massachusetts, the vehicle owner must purchase certain insurance policies for the car, but Bay State motorists should seriously consider purchasing excess coverage to protect themselves. Massachusetts General Law Chapter 175 section 113L requires that all motor vehicle insurance policies sold to owners to cover vehicles registered in Massachusetts must include...

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Graduated Licensing and Teen Collision Risks

Graduated licensing aims to reduce the risk that teens in Boston, Fenway, North End, South End, Allston, Beacon Hill, Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury and surrounding areas will become involved in an auto accident after they receive a driver's license. In Massachusetts program has three stages, and parental consent is required for teens under 18...

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Taking A Closer Look at Boston Rear End Collisions

Crash prevention in Boston, Back Bay, Fenway, North End, South End, Allston, Beacon Hill, Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury and surrounding areas is important to avoid life-changing injuries and prevent fatalities. Part of crash prevention involves knowing what the most common types of accidents are and knowing the factors that can increase or decrease the...

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DeLauter v. Seneca Ins. Co., Inc. – Vicarious Liability for DUI-Related Injuries

Any car accident has the potential to result in severe injuries. Those caused by the negligence of a drunk driver, however, tend to be worse, by virtue of the fact impaired drivers often fail to take evasive action and have a delayed response time. In these instances, our experienced Boston injury lawyers recognize thorough investigation...

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