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Car accidents in Hartford can be serious. Rear-end accidents with injuries to the neck or head often occur on Asylum Avenue or Interstate 84. High speed crashes on I-91 or head-on collisions on Maple Street often result in back injuries or broken bones. Whatever type of collision you're dealing with in Hartford, you need to take strong legal action to protect your rights. You need the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli on your side.

Even a seemingly minor crash can have a significant impact on your life. Serious injuries can lead to skyrocketing medical bills, a loss of income, and many other financial and emotional losses. If you didn't do anything to cause your crash, you shouldn't have to pay for someone else's mistakes. As your attorney, we can fight for the money you rightfully deserve after your crash.

You have too much at stake to wait to take legal action. Contact our Hartford car accident lawyers today and schedule a free case evaluation. We can also meet with you in your hospital room, your home or wherever works best for you. Your needs come first here.

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We handle all types of car accidents in Hartford

Our law firm deals with all different kinds of auto accidents in Hartford. The most common car crashes we handle include:

  • Rear-end accidents – at congested stoplights in Hartford or heavy traffic at rush hour on I-84, rear-end crashes can cause significant damage.
  • Head-on collision – all it takes is one distracted or impaired driver on a major road like Broad Street to drift into the oncoming lane and cause devastating damage.
  • Hit-and-run accidents – whether the at-fault driver is found or not, you have options, and we can fight for them.
  • Uninsured driver accidents – we understand the Connecticut laws governing uninsured and underinsured motorist claims.
  • Fatal car accidents – if you lost a loved one in a fatal crash, we can help you fight for accountability with a wrongful death claim.

Whatever type of accident you were in, no matter how serious or minor it might seem, schedule a free consultation with our law firm. We have the experience and resources you need to get the results you deserve.

Our law firm will thoroughly investigate your accident

Car accidents happen for many different reasons in Hartford. The most common causes include:

  • Distracted driving, including texting while driving
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Falling asleep at the wheel

Our attorneys know how to investigate all different types of accidents. We know how to analyze accident reports, consult with accident reconstruction experts and track down witnesses who saw what happened. We leave no stone unturned in pursuit of justice.

We also know how to pursue the full amount of compensation you need for your injuries. That includes all of your medical care, from emergency treatment at Hartford Hospital, to follow-up visits with your doctor, to medication and procedures that may be needed years down the road. It also includes your lost income, pain and suffering, and other costs. We know Connecticut law, we know the legal system in Hartford County, and we will fight hard to get you every dollar you deserve.

We fight for accountability after Hartford car crashes

You might think you don't need a lawyer after a serious car accident in Hartford. If someone crashed into your car, all you have to do is contact your insurance company and they take care of everything, right?

Don't count on it. In many cases, accident victims do not receive all the money they deserve for their crash. Instead, most insurance companies only compensate injury victims for part of their accident, leaving people with thousands of dollars in bills associated with their crash. And if you can't work for weeks or months or even longer, your accident settlement should take all that into account. Otherwise, you could face financial ruin due to your accident.

We take all these issues very seriously. That's why we want to meet with you. We believe accident victims deserve to be fully compensated for the true cost of their accident. That's what drives us to work tirelessly every single day. And that's why you need to contact us today. Your case is about more than just money. It's about justice.