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How big a problem has distracted driving become?

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Most drivers are aware that distracted driving is dangerous. Yet, every so often, the same people who condemn distracted driving find themselves checking cellphone notifications, talking on the phone or multi-tasking while driving.

To find out how widespread the problem of distracted driving is, Insurance.com conducted a survey involving 1,000 participants. The survey asked how participants viewed distracted driving and if they engaged it in themselves.

The misconception about distracted driving is that it only involves cellphones. State laws, such as those in Connecticut, prohibit the use of cellphones while driving. Not all forms of distracted driving are technically prohibited, enforceable or easy to prove. Distracted driving can involve any activity that causes distraction in the following ways:

  • Visual - When drivers take their eyes off the road
  • Cognitive - When drivers take their mind off of the task of driving
  • Manual - When drivers taken their hands off the steering wheel

How did participants feel about distracted driving?

Nearly 90 percent of survey participants said that distracted driving is worse today than it was two years ago. About 75 percent of those participants said that distracted driving has grown worse by roughly 50 percent since then.

When asked which distractions were the most problematic:

  • 24% of participants blamed texting and driving
  • 20% blamed GPS navigation
  • 16% blamed having to deal with kids in the car
  • 11% blamed talking on cellphones
  • 11% blamed adjusting music
  • 8% blamed turning the heat or a/c knobs
  • 5% blamed eating while driving

Did participants engage in distracted driving?

Among the participants who admitted to texting while driving:

  • 11% said they did it on a daily basis
  • 12% said they did it 3 or 4 times per week
  • 13% said they did it 3 or 4 times per month
  • 14% said they did it 3 or 4 times per year
  • 50% said they only did it a few times ever

Some participants admitted to taking pictures and selfies while driving. Among the participants who admitted to taking pictures:

  • 46% said they were capturing a majestic view
  • 38% said they were capturing severe weather or roadside scenery
  • 20% said they were capturing the scene of a crash that they weren't involved in

Among the participants who admitted to taking selfies:

  • 35% said they did it because they looked especially good that day
  • 30% said they were on their way to a special occasion
  • 18% said they did it because they were emotional at the time
  • 16% said they do it habitually for no reason at all

What should I do if I was involved in a car accident caused by a distracted driver?

If you were injured in a crash with a distracted driver, you could be faced with hefty medical bills and car damage. To make matters worse, you may have to take time off from work to recover from your injuries. The financial and emotional toll a single crash takes on your life can be devastating - all because another driver simply couldn't pay attention to the road.

The Connecticut car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli are dedicated to helping crash victims like you get justice. We fight to hold reckless and negligent drivers accountable for their actions and take on their insurance providers so you can be compensated for every penny owed to you.

To get started on your claim, contact our law office and schedule your free and confidential case evaluation.

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