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Boston Drivers Advised to be Cautious Driving in Fog

Massachusetts auto accident attorneyThroughout Boston, Back Bay, Fenway, North End, South End, Allston, Beacon Hill, Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury and surrounding areas, drivers should be aware that driving in fog is one of the most dangerous things they can do on the road. Smart Motorist recommends trying to avoid driving in fog whenever possible and waiting until it clears. If you are already on the road or if you must go somewhere when it is foggy, it is imperative that you take steps to try to stay safe and reduce the risk of a motor vehicle collision.

A personal injury lawyer knows that spring and early summer are the prime time for fog as the weather changes and as spring rains come in. Now is the perfect time for drivers to review basic safety tips so they will be prepared to drive in foggy weather.

How to Stay Safe in Foggy Driving Weather

Smart Motorist has a number of recommendations for trying to stay when driving in fog. Drivers should:

  • Slow down. Some past studies have suggested that drivers tend to speed up in fog, especially as they get acclimated to it, because fog affects their perceptions of speed. A new study from the National Institutes of Health , however, suggest that this is not necessarily true. The past studies mimicked conditions more similar to a foggy windshield than to actual fog. In more realistic fog conditions, drivers generally do slow down. However, just to be on the safe side, you should keep an eye on the speedometer in order to make sure you are not accidentally going too fast.
  • Keep your headlights on. Some drivers actually turn their headlights off in foggy conditions because they think the light interferes with forward visibility. While this may be true to a small degree, turning off your headlights puts you at serious risk of a motor vehicle collision with oncoming drivers who cannot see your vehicle. You need to use your low-lights so other motorists can see you. Be sure to keep your high beams off though, as these reflect the fog and make it much harder to see.
  • Stay focused on the right line on the roadway. You do not want to look at the center lane, as this can cause your vehicle to inadvertently drift in the direction of the center of the road and you could find yourself crossing into oncoming traffic.
  • Avoid using emergency flashers. Drivers tend to subconsciously drive towards flashing lights so you could increase the chances of getting hit.
  • Pull fully off the road if you need to stop. If you decide you do not want to continue driving in the fog, you cannot stop in the middle of the road because other drivers will not see you and they will hit you. Be sure your car is completely off the road on the shoulder before you stop your vehicle.
  • Use fog lights, if you have them. Some European cars include rear fog lights as a safety feature.

By keeping the tips in mind, hopefully you can reduce the chances that you will become involved in a crash during the foggy spring and summer weather.

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