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Connecticut Sees Spike in Fatal Accidents in 2022

While fatal car accidents have decreased slightly in the United States, Connecticut has experienced a 29 percent increase during the first half of 2022 as compared to the prior year.

Connecticut auto accident attorney

The National Safety Council reports grim facts about recent accident trends: Roads are “supremely dangerous,” especially for people walking, biking or skating.

During the first six months of 2022, 43 more people died in road accidents compared to the same time span in 2021. An experienced lawyer in Connecticut knows car accidents can be fatal or lead to serious injuries that require lengthy rehabilitation.

What are the top causes of deadly car accidents?

Fatal car accidents are preventable. Unfortunately, some drivers make careless or reckless choices that lead to tragic consequences. The top factors in deadly car crashes include:

  • Distracted driving: Frustratingly, some drivers let themselves be distracted rather than focus on the road and surroundings. They might check their cellphones, which is a top distraction. Other forms include distractions include fiddling with the entertainment system or other controls on the car; eating; grooming; checking out things or people on the side of the road; daydreaming; and talking to other passengers.
  • Speeding: Going too fast is a type of negligent driving that occurs all too frequently. Drivers who exceed the speed limit face a greater risk of losing control of the vehicle. They also have less time to react to changes in traffic patterns and need more distance to stop if there is a sudden slowdown or hazard.
  • Drunk driving: Drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher are legally intoxicated and breaking the law. However, even small amounts of BAC in a driver can increase the risk of an accident. A BAC of 0.02, which is reached roughly after one standard drink, leads to some loss of judgment.

What are my options after an accident?

After a car accident in Connecticut, it’s important to take certain steps. Call 911 immediately to summon the police and an ambulance if someone is injured. Let a medical professional examine you. Some injuries such as concussions or internal injuries may not be immediately apparent. Take notes and photos of the scene. Take pictures of any road hazards, signs, trees, or obstacles. Be sure to get different angles.

In fatal accidents, victims might die at the scene or lose their life days, weeks or even months afterward. In these tragic situations, the victim’s loved ones should consult a wrongful death attorney. The individual or entity that caused the accident may be held liable.

When you need to contact a wrongful death lawyer

Unfortunately, wrongful death car accident cases can quickly become complicated. Insurance companies may make a low-ball offer or deny the claim outright. They may point fingers at the victim to shift responsibility.

The loss of a loved one in an accident is tragic in many ways. You may have lost family member who provided support emotionally and financially. The accident can turn your life upside-down.

That’s why it’s important to consult with an experienced attorney in Connecticut.  For a free consultation, contact us online. At the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli, we will listen to you and help you decide the next steps. You pay nothing unless we win the case. Call us or complete the contact form on this page today.

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