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Drunk driving suspected in deadly CT motorcycle accident

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Summer in Connecticut is prime motorcycle season. Riders love to get on their bikes, sometimes with a friend on the back, and cruise on warm, sunny days.

No one gets on a motorcycle and expects that they may end up in a hospital or worse. But riding motorcycles carries risks. Devastating motorcycle accidents can happen through no fault of the rider. Sometimes a distracted driver in a car sideswipes a rider. In other cases, a driver might ignore a red light and strike a motorcycle. Another common cause of deadly motorcycle accidents is drunk or drugged drivers.

According to an article in the Journal Inquirer, an Ellington, Conn., man faces operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs and other charges after police say he caused a motorcycle crash in Tolland and injured two riders. Police say the driver allegedly ran a stop sign and struck the motorcycle. Tragically, these types of accidents happen far too often and serve as a reminder that drivers need to share the road with motorcyclists.

What are common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by other drivers acting negligently. Driving under the influence, which allegedly occurred in the Tolland crash, is one of the most common factors. Others include:

  • Cutting off a motorcycle
  • Distracted driver
  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield to the motorcycle (particularly when the vehicle is making a left turn)
  • Swerving in front of the rider
  • Tailgating

Types of injuries in motorcycle accidents

A victim of a motorcycle accident may face catastrophic injuries. Unlike drivers and passengers in cars, people on motorcycles have little protection against crashes. The following are some common injuries in crashes:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: Even riders with helmets can sustain concussions and other severe head injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Damage to the spinal cord can cause paralysis, which is a permanent disability.
  • Internal injuries: Damage to internal organs or internal bleeding can turn deadly if left untreated.
  • Road rash: Serious skin damage can occur in a motorcycle accident where the victim’s skin makes contact with the road’s surface. If not properly treated, road rash can also become infected. Severe cases of road rash may require extensive medical treatment, such as skin grafting surgery..
  • Broken bones: Riders can suffer fractures or serious bone breaks in motorcycle accidents. Sometimes the heavy motorcycle can fall on the rider, which could lead to a broken leg.

Why hire an attorney for a motorcycle accident?

It’s a good idea to talk to an attorney after any road accident involving an injury. The financial impact of a bad crash can last for years, decades, and even a lifetime. If you’re on a motorcycle and involved in an accident that causes injury, it’s even more crucial.

Motorcycle accident victims often face an uphill battle when seeking compensation for their injuries. Insurance companies try to find ways to blame the motorcyclist for the accident because they have a financial incentive to pay you as little money as possible. Keep in mind these big companies are in business to make profits and will look for ways to avoid paying claims.

When you contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli, you can discuss what happened and find out about your legal options. An experienced attorney at our firm can fight for you and hold the responsible party accountable.

We have handled countless motorcycle accident claims in Connecticut and will pursue maximum compensation for your losses. If the insurance company isn’t willing to reach a fair settlement, we can file a lawsuit and bring your case before a jury, if necessary.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We want to hear from you if you were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident. There’s no obligation when you talk to us, and you pay no fees unless you win.

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