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Impaired Driving Continues to Cause Road Tragedies

POV of an impaired driver behind the wheel of a car at night, driving fast down a highway with a distorted, blurred perception of the road.

In Connecticut and across the nation, car accidents linked to alcohol or drug use, or a combination of both, happen daily.

Impairment-related crashes are not uncommon. In fact, a Forbes article about the dangers of “multi-drug use” among drivers states that nearly one-third of fatal car accidents are linked to alcohol and/or drugs.

The National Transportation Safety Board stepped in and released a study examining crash risks associated with various substances – alcohol, cannabis, prescription and over-the-counter medication, and other drugs. The NTSB found that these accidents are preventable and recommended that federal and state agencies implement guidelines to address the problem.

How to prevent impaired driving fatalities

The NTSB report finds that alcohol continues to be the most common substance linked to impairment accidents, followed by cannabis. While law enforcement has long used tests to determine whether a driver is drunk, there are no commonly used standards to assess drug impairment.

Here are some of the NTSB recommendations to prevent impaired driver crashes:

  • Put in place proven countermeasures to reduce drunk driving
  • Tackle the growing problem of accidents caused by drivers under the influence of cannabis or using a mixture of drugs
  • Enhance drug-impaired driving laws and enforcement

Some recommendations by the NTSB:

  • Require warning labels on cannabis products alerting users about driving impairment.
  • Implement a standardization of toxicology testing to detect drug use among drivers.
  • Begin research on how to improve compliance with drug-related warnings on prescription and over-the-counter drugs that may cause driving impairments.

What to do if you're hit by an impaired driver

An accident caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs (or a combination of both) can turn your life upside-down. Severe injuries from an accident can touch many aspects of your life. You may need to reduce hours at work or give up your career entirely. You may need to give up hobbies. You may need to hire help to take care of your home. Medical bills can quickly skyrocket.

The accident was not your fault, but the impaired driver’s insurance company may try to minimize your compensation or even deny your claim.

Contact an experienced car accident lawyer

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You don’t have to deal with the insurance companies on your own. Let an experienced Connecticut car accident attorney fight for you.

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