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Massachusetts Had the 2nd Highest At-Fault Accident Rate in 2022

Traffic heading into downtown Boston, MA.

If you drive in Massachusetts, you’re more likely to get in a car accident than in most other states, according to an analysis by Insurify.

Where does Massachusetts rank for car accidents?

Massachusetts ranks No. 2 among the 10 most accident-prone states. Insurify, a car insurance comparison website, examined car insurance applications to identify states with the most at-fault accidents. It found 11.9 percent of Bay State drivers have an at-fault accident on their record. The silver lining is that most of the accidents in Massachusetts are not life-threatening.

How do car crashes happen?

A Massachusetts attorney knows that car crashes can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. The following are some of the common causes of car accidents:

Rear-end collisions

These accidents happen every day and are often traced back to a driver who was speeding, impaired, or not paying attention.

Drunk driving

Despite awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, some drivers make the reckless choice to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.


Driving too fast for the road conditions or exceeding speed limits can have tragic consequences.

Distracted driving

In many accidents involving distraction, a driver was texting or using a smartphone instead of paying attention to the road ahead. But distractions can come in many forms, such as eating, talking to other passengers, and gazing at objects alongside the road, among other types.

What are common injuries in car accidents?

As the Insurify article notes, most accidents in Massachusetts don’t result in life-threatening injuries. But any injury can have a serious impact on your quality of life. An injury can take weeks, months, and even years to heal. Some injuries are permanent. Injuries also might not be apparent immediately after the accident, so it’s critical to seek medical attention even if you’re not sure you have a severe injury.

The following are some of the common types of injuries in car accidents:

  • Broken bones: A fracture or bone break might not be easily detectable in the moments after the crash. Pain may become more intense hours or even a day or more later. Broken ribs are common and sometimes result from seatbelts.
  • Neck injuries: The force of a crash might cause the head to violently move forward and backward, which can lead to whiplash, a type of neck injury. This debilitating type of injury is common in rear-end collisions.
  • Brain injuries: Traumatic brain injuries are among the most serious and can affect every aspect of your life. In car crashes, they might occur after the head strikes a hard object. A TBI victim might need constant medical care after the accident.

There are many other types of injuries, including paralysis, internal injuries, and back injuries, to name a few. One of the most important steps after an accident is to seek medical treatment. Injuries, if left untreated, can worsen or even turn fatal.

How a car accident lawyer can help

After a car accident involving injury or a fatality, it’s wise to contact an attorney for a free consultation. Don’t try to deal with the insurance companies on your own. They may make a lowball settlement offer and tell you it’s the best deal you can get. An experienced attorney knows that serious injuries can mean lost time from work, resulting in lost wages. You may deal with pain and suffering. You may have to give up hobbies. We can evaluate your case and help maximize your compensation.

If you were involved in a Massachusetts car accident, contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone to arrange a free consultation. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you win. Talk to us today about your accident. Tell them you mean business.

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