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Are Men With ADHD More Likely To Be Involved in Car Accidents?

Massachusetts auto accident attorneyAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a cognitive condition that affects a person's concentration levels, ability to maintain focus on multiple tasks, and often leads to problems with sustained attention and impulsivity.


While the disorder is commonly diagnosed during childhood, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that three out of five children carry ADHD into adulthood, affecting about 8 million adults across America.

According to the findings of a recent study conducted by Sweden's Karolinska Institute, drivers who suffer symptoms of ADHD and fail to manage their treatment could be up to 50 percent more likely to be involved in a serious car crash.

Distracted driving accident attorneys in Boston understand that drivers may be unable to control a psychological condition such as ADHD.  But it's critical that drivers who are diagnosed with ADHD take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of themselves and all other drivers on the road.

Study examines link between car accident risks, ADHD

According to an article published in the Visalia Times Delta, researchers from Sweden's Karolinska Institute used databases to track whether 17,000 drivers diagnosed with ADHD had been involved in a car accident between 2006 and 2009 and whether they have a prescription for ADHD medication at the time.

Researchers found that drivers with ADHD presented significant dangers to other drivers on the road. Of the 17,000 drivers aged 18 to 46 involved in the study, having ADHD increased a man's risk of accident by 47 percent and woman's risk by 45 percent, the Visalia Times Delta reported.

After examining the link between ADHD and car accidents, researchers proceeded to investigate the role of medication in preventing crashes by determining whether people involved in accidents had filed a prescription for ADHD medicine six months prior to the crash.

According to the article, researchers found that access to ADHD medication reduced car accident risk by up to 58 percent among male drivers. Women with ADHD, however, did not receive any significant benefit from medication in preventing car crashes.

Furthermore, researchers also found that an estimated 41 to 49 percent of car accidents involving men with ADHD could have been avoided if they had been taking their medication as prescribed.

Despite the study's findings, researchers were quick to note that an association between ADHD and car accidents didn't necessarily establish a cause-and-effect relationship in car accident cases. Researchers suggested that those with ADHD - and their passengers - should not fear being in the car with a driver diagnosed with ADHD.

Researchers did suggest, however, that a failure to get a diagnosis for ADHD or to seek out proper treatment for the disease could result in uncontrolled symptoms and, thus, an increased risk of accident among drivers.

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