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A Hartford Pedestrian Accident Could Result in High Medical Costs

Connecticut pedestrian accident attorneyRecently, a pedestrian accident in Connecticut took the life of one man and left his wife with serious injuries. Patch.com reported on the tragic accident, which occurred while a couple was walking on a sidewalk. A vehicle was traveling in a westward direction on Main Street when the car actually left the road and veered right onto the sidewalk.

The vehicle, a 2002 Honda Civil LX which was being driven by a 31 year old from New Hartford, ended up veering off of the road on Main Street at approximately 9:13 AM. When the car left the road and went onto the sidewalk, it struck a man and his wife who were walking along the sidewalk. Both of the spouses were treated at the scene of the motor vehicle accident before they were rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the man who had been hit by the car died shortly after he had arrived at the hospital. His 69-year-old wife was serious injured but stabilized. She has since been transferred to Hartford Hospital, where she is continuing to undergo treatment.

Unfortunately, many pedestrian accidents which occur cause losses like this crash did. Fatalities are common among pedestrians, who have no protection from crash forces when a car makes an impact. Serious injuries can also result, including injuries to the brain and the spine.  The costs of treating these injuries can be quite high, and victims need to understand what their rights are in cases where a serious injury happens following a pedestrian crash.

When pedestrians must be rushed to a hospital following a pedestrian accident, the cost of the ambulance alone can be very high- especially in situations where pedestrians must go by air ambulance. Emergency room care, treatment in the ICU, rehabilitation from injuries, and nursing care during recovery can also total many thousands of dollars. In situations where a pedestrian is not able to ever fully recover from injuries, the medical care costs will never stop and will persist through the life of the pedestrian.

Connecticut is a fault state, which means drivers aren't mandated to buy personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. Most people, therefore, won't have protection from their own auto insurer if they are hit by a  car when they are out walking. Instead, they will be dependent upon receiving compensation from the driver who hit them in order to be able to afford the costs of medical treatment.

Even for pedestrian accident victims with good health insurance, health insurance policies likely won't cover all of the accident treatment costs and may have high deductibles. Pedestrians who were innocently walking when they were hit by a car shouldn't be forced to cope with financial loss from accidents. The more serious the injuries sustained by pedestrians, the more important it is for victims to pursue claims for compensation from those who hurt them.

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