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Road Rage & Aggressive Drivers A Summer Risk In Connecticut

Connecticut auto accident attorneyExtra patience will be critical as the crowds arrive and orange road construction barrels blossom like wildflowers through New England's summer travel season.

A recent article on driversed.com highlighted the lethal risk of crowded summer freeways and short tempers. While relatively few of us are guilty of road rage, which is a criminal act of aggression, most of us are guilty of any number of aggressive driving habits - some of us more often than we would like to admit.

More than half of drivers consider driving 10 mph over the speed limit to be normal. Yet in 94 percent of driving accidents (19 of 20), human error is to blame, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Speed joins drunk driving and distracted driving among the top three causes of serious and fatal traffic collisions.

Connecticut traffic collisions caused by aggressive driving

Driving too fast for conditions, following too closely, failure to yield, not using your turn signals, and disobeying traffic laws are common forms of aggressive driving. Most of these behaviors either reduce your reaction time or reduce the reaction time of drivers around you. Collisions commonly result.

These are not accidents. When dangerous driving behavior of another motorist results in injury, crash victims are entitled to compensation under the law.

Contacting an experienced car accident attorney in Connecticut is a critical first step. Too often, victims see it as a positive sign when "responsive" insurance companies appear ready and willing to pay medical bills in the immediate aftermath of a collision. In reality, these companies are trying to lock in losses before the full extent of an accident victim's losses become known.

In too many cases, aggressive driving results in an incident of road rage, which is defined as a criminal act, and can include behaviors like slamming on the brakes, attempting to run a driver off the road, or a physical assault. But even if the driver who hurt you is facing criminal charges, you still need our attorneys on your side to pursue your right to financial compensation through the civil court system.

New England Summer Road Safety

Connecticut Post reports Connecticut drivers are already among the most unsafe in the country. In fact, the EverDrive Safe Driving Report rates the state worst in the nation. We ranked second-worst last year. Nationwide, top unsafe driving behaviors included speeding (38 percent), phone use (37 percent), hard braking (23 percent), and unsafe accelerating (14 percent).

Men's Health offers tips on how to avoid adding aggressive driving to your road risks this summer.

  • Adjust your travel expectations and allow yourself more time to reach your destination.
  • Think before you react. Aggressive driving can lead to a collision for which you are responsible, and it can result in an act of road rage.
  • Be more forgiving. Everyone is just trying to get to their destination safely and most are doing the best they can.
  • Focus on your own driving. There is much you can do to avoid a collision.
  • Get help. If you are experiencing anger issues, they likely extend beyond your time at the wheel. If you are victimized by an aggressive or angry driver, take the nearest exit and seek help if necessary.

Safe driving has many benefits beyond keeping you and your family safer. Aggressive drivers are typically held accountable in both criminal and civil court when a collision results. Those who have been victimized deserve full and fair compensation. In the event of a crash caused by an aggressive driver, contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli.

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