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Roundabouts Take Center Stage in Connecticut's Road Safety Strategy

A roundabout sign on the side of the road to alert drivers about an upcoming traffic circle.

Can roundabouts save lives and reduce car accidents?

There’s a reason you might be noticing more roundabouts in Connecticut. The state Department of Transportation is taking steps to build more traffic circles.

Roundabouts are safer than traditional four-corner intersections, according to a report by the CTMirror. The circle design virtually eliminates head-on or right-angle crashes that can occur at traditional intersections.

According to the CTMirror, from 2003 through 2008, one intersection in Connecticut experienced an average of 22 accidents per year. On average, nine of the crashes each year resulted in injuries. The number of accidents and injuries dropped substantially after the roundabout was installed. Crashes declined by 55 percent and injury-related accidents dropped by 90 percent.

Why are roundabouts safer than intersections?

Vehicles entering roundabouts must slow down, which leads to a reduced risk of accidents. Speeding is a major factor in serious accidents, including those with severe injuries or fatalities. Many roundabouts also connect to a single lane, which is considered the safest model. CTMirror reports that roundabouts are safer for pedestrians and those who use bicycles, partly because vehicles tend to move slowly through roundabouts.

Connecticut beefed up efforts to build roundabouts in 2004 after a senior CTDOT engineer studied the safety of traffic circles in Europe.

What types of accidents happen in roundabouts?

Traffic circles may be safer than intersections, but accidents can still happen. Some drivers not used to roundabouts might get confused when approaching. They must yield to traffic inside the roundabout. They also should keep moving. A driver who stops suddenly inside the circle might cause an accident.

The following are some common types of roundabout accidents:

  • Rear-end collisions: A driver might strike the rear of another vehicle. In virtually all cases, the driver from behind is at fault.
  • Lane-switch accidents: A driver who suddenly changes lanes could strike another vehicle, causing a crash. Drivers in roundabouts should be aware of the lane they need to use to reach their destination.
  • Speeding accidents: While roundabouts are designed for slow driving, some motorists might speed through the circle, which can result in loss of control. Speeding can be especially dangerous during inclement weather.

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