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Spike in Teen Driver Crashes Expected During 100 Deadliest Days

A teenage girl with long dark hair is seated in the driver's seat of a car, looking directly at the camera with a calm and focused expression.

While summer is a time to enjoy vacations, beach time, and relaxation, it’s also a season with a grim statistic: Teen accidents hit an all-time high.

However, it isn't only teenagers who get injured or lose their lives; other people are victims of car accidents caused by young drivers. According to a WSFB report, the Connecticut Department of Transportation sees more risky behavior behind the wheel between Memorial Day and Labor Day – also known as the "100 Deadliest Days."

This period is notorious for a dramatic increase in car accidents, especially involving teenage drivers.

Why do crashes spike during the ‘100 Deadliest Days’?

Several factors contribute to this dangerous trend during the summer months:

  • More teen drivers: With school out, more inexperienced teen drivers are on the road.
  • Increased travel: Families and individuals take advantage of the warm weather for vacations and road trips.
  • More daylight hours: Longer days can lead to longer periods of driving, often resulting in fatigue.
  • Celebrations and parties: Summer holidays and gatherings often involve alcohol, increasing the risk of drunk driving.

Why are teens more at risk of accidents?

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable during the 100 Deadliest Days for a variety of reasons. They lack experience and may struggle with complex driving situations. They might also let themselves be distracted by cell phones or music, and passengers can divert their attention from the road.

Teenagers also are more likely to take risks than older adults. They might speed or drive recklessly, which raises the risk of a crash.

What can parents do to keep teen drivers safe?

If you have a teenage driver in your family, educating them about safe driving practices is crucial. Under Connecticut law, those 16 and 17 years old are not allowed to drive from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. and are not allowed passengers for six months when they first get their license (with exceptions).

Parents and guardians should take steps to keep their teens safe. Here are a few tips:

  • Enforce a Curfew: Limit their driving to daylight hours as much as possible.
  • Practice Defensive Driving: Teach them to be aware of their surroundings and anticipate the actions of other drivers.
  • Limit Passengers: More passengers can increase the likelihood of distractions and risky behavior.

Contact a car accident lawyer if you've been injured

Unfortunately, there's only so much you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe when on the road. Accidents can happen to drivers of all ages and experience levels. However, if you or someone you love was injured in an accident that was someone else's fault, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses, such as your medical bills and your lost wages.

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