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Tips for Parents of Young Kids in Preventing Accidents this Holiday Season

For young children, the holiday season can be a magical time. Many kids become very excited about holiday decorations and about all of the new toys they receive as presents. Parents understandably want to make sure the holidays are a great time for their kids filled with wonderful memories. However, it is essential for parents to prioritize safety to make certain that children are not in danger during the holiday season. Massachusetts auto accident attorney

Unfortunately, the holidays tend to be a time when there is a substantial risk of injuries occurring. Around 250 injuries happen every day over the holiday season according to Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Parents have to be alert to the biggest sources of injury so they can try to keep their young children safe.

One risk is decorations in the home. Holiday decorations can be fun to put up, but could be a hazard for small children. Kids could be hurt if a Christmas tree falls on them, while holiday decorations like string lights could become a choking hazard.

A big risk of holiday decorations is also the possibility of a fire caused by the decor.  According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, 30 percent of house fires which occur over the course of the year happen during December, January, and February- the months during which holiday decorations are up.  Between 2004 and 2008, there were an average of 1,170 home fires which started as a direct result of decor in the home. This doesn't include fires started by Christmas trees.

Parents need to make sure they purchase only high-quality decorations to reduce the chances of fire. Parents with small children should also take precautions to keep kids away from decor which could hurt them. Putting a baby gate around a holiday tree, for example, could help to reduce the chances of a tree falling on a child or of a child eating something unsafe to consume from the tree.

Toys which kids receive as holiday gifts can also pose a potential safety issue. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated 254,200 kids visited emergency rooms in 2015 because they got hurt while playing with toys.  When kids get new toys during the holiday season, some of those toys could turn out to be dangerous in unexpected ways. Parents need to supervise play with a new toy to make sure a child cannot accidentally hurt himself when playing with it.

There is also a concern that some of the toys or decorations could have defects which cause harm, even if parents are careful. If a toy or holiday decor item turns out to be dangerous when used as intended and causes a personal injury to happen, the manufacturer of the dangerous product should be held accountable for all damages the product caused to occur.

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